February 17, 1882

The Daily Nugget Friday
February 17, 1882 # 0120

Notice to Settlers on Lots in Tombstone

The Owners of the Town site Title to lots within original survey of three hundred and twenty (320) acres in Tombstone, desire to say to those who wish to obtain deeds, that the injunction which was sued out against the Tombstone owners has now been finally dissolved, and that there is now no suit or other legal obstacle to making deeds.
The Town site owners have the legal title to the lots. There is under the present of the United States. They and their predecessors in interest located the Town site and paid the United States for the lands entered and patented.
The law of the Territory expressly declares that they shall be considered and held to be occupants, and that statute has been approved by Congress.
The Town site owners are now prepared to sell lots on reasonable and liberal terms.

Deeds can be obtained for less then it will cost to litigate.

Apply to the undersigned, corner Fremont and Sixth Street.

Feb16-th J. S. Clark, Agent.

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