October 21, 2013

Upcoming events :

The Tombstone Repertory Company presents “The Lone Stranger” or “Who was the Masked Man?” The show will be held at Sheffilen Hall Saturday, October 5th and 12th, starting at 7:00 PM and October 6th, 20th, and 27th starting at 3:00 PM. Adult tickets are $8 and kids are $5. For more information email kennbarrett@hotmail.com.

October 20-21, is the Los Vaqueros 2-day Cowboy Action Shooting Match, and the Tombstone Ghost Riders Mounted monthly practice shoot. The event is held at the Tombstone Livery Stables and for more information please contact tombstonelivery@msn.com.

On October 25th, 8:00 PM, October 26th, 8:00 PM, and October 27th, 12:00 PM, the documentary of the Two Year Promise is going to be held at Schieffilen Hall.

Border Town: October 24-27. This is the Live Action Shooting Arizona Championship. There will be vendors and food. The public is encouraged to attend.

Tombstone at Twilight is an event that happens on the 4th Saturday of the Month, October 26. There will be shopping, dining and a free gun show, provided by the Blood at Dusk gunfighters. There will be snacks for sale in the park, a clown and much more.

HALLOWEEN: The Halloween Howl will return once again on October 31, from dusk until everyone has had their fill of fun located a few doors down from the Chamber office. The event is FREE! There is also going to be Halloween in the Park, which is going to be put on by the Tombstone Fire Department. It is going to be held at the Tombstone City Park On October 31, 6:00PM – 9:00PM. Both events are sponsored by the Tombstone Lion’s Club. There is also going to be safe trick-or-treating on Allen Street on October 31, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Local businesses are going to keep their doors open for trick-or-treaters.

Santa In Paws will be held on November 10th this year. Get a picture of your beloved pet with Santa. The event is going to be held at T. Miller Tombstone Mercantile from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. Proceeds will be going to help the Tombstone Animal Shelter. For more information call (520) 457-2379 or (520) 559-0030.

On Friday, November 15, the Amerind Museum and Research Center will hold a Brown Bag Talk about “ Social Identity in Frontier and Borderland Communities of the North America Southwest.”.

The 8th Annual Tucson Ambassador Familiarization Event is going to be held on November 16-17 at Old Tucson. You will explore Tucson and Southern Arizona by getting to know attractions. There will be a 1/2 day tour and a trade show.

The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce, together with the Vigilantes, will be walking in the 55th Annual Christmas Lights Parade “Cowboy Christmas” in Sierra Vista on December 7th starting at 5:30PM. All entries must be illuminated, so come see us SHINE!

Information for Members:

The Season 4 Hope has started. In connection with KVOA Channel4 http://www.kvoa.com/community/ we adverting for October, , which is the month for new and slightly used clothing. Please drop off any gently used clothing off at the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce M-F, 9-5 and Sat 9-12.

Many of the shut down national parks are once again open. Most at full capacity, but there are a few that are at less than 100%. It is advised to call the park and see what is open and what is not within the park.

BIKERS WANTED! to support The Edge Youth Center in Tombstone! Saturday, November 2, American Legion – Post 24. 225 E. Allen Street, Tombstone. Registration at 9:00 AM.
$15.00 single $ 25.00 couple. Includes run and dinner. Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread and dessert. Food served at 2:30 PM.
1st bike out 9:30 AM last bike in 2:00 PM.
Live auction… high/low cash prizes… raffle prizes…50/50 drawing.
COME and help support The Edge Youth Center in Tombstone, AZ! This event is NOT just open to bikers, so come out and support The Edge Youth Center.

Tombstone Archive Seminar: Our Historical district 1879-1829, overview. Nancy at the Archives is going to be giving history classes to employer/employees so that we will be giving out the same information to visitors during the busy season. The session usually last 20-30 minutes. Nancy will answer questions and tell you the history of your building. To set up an appointment call (520) 457-2378.

The Food Bank of Tombstone serves individuals and families with food each wee, Wednesday through Friday 9AM to 2PM, and Saturday 9 AM to 12PM. The food bank needs donation of food and money. There is going to be an Empty Bowl Project at the Ethel H. Berger Center located at 2950 E. Tacoma Street in Sierra Vista. Please consider attending this event and making a donation as it directly benefits the Food Bank of Tombstone. In exchange for your donation, you will receive a beautiful hand make bowl and soup. For more information or questions please call Shannon Edquist, manager, (520)457-3697.

Tombstone In the News:

The votes are in and Tombstone has been voted one of the seven best haunted cities for families according to Family Circle magazine.

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