What is Happening at Virgil’s Corner

We are coming up to the second anniversary of our opening at Virgil’s Corner. A lot has happened lately but we managed to weather the storms of life with a whole host of wonderful guests. First, Tombstone has several days of freezing temperatures that caused the water to freeze in the sprinkler system which caused the fire alarm to go haywire. The fire alarm kept the Marshall’s office busy trying to figure out how to turn it off. One of my guests (an ex-fire chief) finally was able to reset the alarm system so he could some sleep. Of course during this, the heat went off in the bedrooms and so the guests were cold until we purchased space heaters to take up the slack. The lastest thing to happen was a burned out element in the hot water heater which was finally repaired after three days of no hot water. Maybe, Virgil’s Corner has turned the corner on repairs and now can get to the business of providing the best place to stay in Tombstone.

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